Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A kernel of truth?

"I'll not have you repeat lawyer’s gossip. I'm a lawyer myself and I know what it's worth."
A Man for All Seasons
Act I
Robert Bolt

But sometimes a gossip item may have a kernel of truth, so read on.

The party invitations from freshly acquitted Geoffrey Fieger to the jurors who found him not guilty of federal campaign finance charges were barely out of his lips yesterday afternoon when the Lansing rumor mill went into overdrive.

Oddly enough, the renewed chatter was about who will oppose Michigan Supreme Court Justice Clifford Taylor in November.

Earlier speculation that Democrats are on the verge of naming Marietta Robinson as their Michigan Supreme Court candidate to run against Taylor was repeated.

Others wondered about Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Deborah Thomas and her efforts to build a groundswell of support for a spot on the MSC judicial ballot

But top honors go to this murmured flight-of-fancy: now that Fieger is off the hook, he can fire up dormant but ready-to-go machinery to take Taylor head on.

Quit laughing. Or crying, as the case may be.

A couple of weeks ago, while Fieger's case was still being tried, a friend of mine told me that he took a dinner-time call from a pollster. The topic was the upcoming Michigan Supreme Court election.

At one point, he was asked to choose between Taylor and several hypothetical candidates.

One of the match-ups was Fieger v. Taylor.

Someone out there has thought about this and is interested enough in the public's response to spend money to get the answer.

This could get interesting.

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