Monday, February 11, 2008

Where did they say this happened? Who did they say was involved?

Last week, there were a couple of reports about folks who were charged with possessing marijuana. Happens all the time, you may be thinking.

Read on.

According to the Associated Press, in Hazel Park, just north of Detroit, authorities asked a fellow to empty his pockets. A bag of marijuana and a pipe to smoke it with surfaced.

And the Kalamazoo Gazette reported that a man was charged with possessing a small metal tin containing suspected marijuana.

Here's what should give you pause:

In the Hazel Park incident, the AP says the person involved was a 68-year-old man on probation, who tried to pass through the security checkpoint at the 43rd District Court.

The Gazette reported allegations that an attorney was going through a metal detector at the Kalamazoo County District Court when the tin containing suspected marijuana set the machine off.

And just when you thought you've heard it all.

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Mike Butler said...

While the Darwin awards generally require that the recipient remove himself from the gene pool permanently by an act of incredibly bad judgment, there is an honorable mention section for those misadventure is not fatal. I humbly nominate both.